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Post by Morphine_Missfit on Thu Aug 02, 2018 1:53 pm

The purpose of this site, like it predecessors, is simple harm reduction. It is a place to keep each other safe and to share information and experiences to that end i.e. "careful of (insert stamp here) there is something up with the cut", "I just got (insert stamp here) and it's fire - be careful if you're used to the garbage they've been putting out". DO NOT use the site to:

1) DO NOT Make any sort of business or financial arrangement. This includes offering money for rides or gear.  This also includes those things resembling a business arrangement or offers that will place one member in a position to broker or middleman a transaction.

2) DO NOT Post pictures of work

3) DO NOT Advise someone on how to do something that a medical professional should be advising on. If you have information you think can help someone, simply show them where to find it and let them disseminate how it can be helpful to them.

4) DO NOT publicly post locations of anything you have obtained

5) DO NOT publicly post the location of law enforcement officials - A simple "heat" report is acceptable

5) Your posts should only contain the following information:

Quality 0-10
Quantity 0-10
Legs 0-10
Synthetic or Not
Any type of cut you noticed that may place someone at higher risk of accidental overdose
Any type of large increase in perceived quality that could put someone at higher risk of an accidental overdose
Anything that you feel affects your subjective score of the above e.g. tolerance, MAT Dose ex "I'm on 200mg Methadone so my tolerance is high", "I use 2 bundles a day so my tolerance is high", etc.

Additionally, if you're using a VPN and that VPN places your IP address somewhere suspect you'll be banned. For example, you may be in NE Philly but if your VPN places you in a river next to multiple judicial complexes, you're going to be banned. Lastly, if something someone is posting seems suspect, there is usually a reason... Use your instincts and common sense.

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